A HUGE THANK YOU TO Our volunteer contributors to our calend

Our Photographer


Nancy Norman is a former ER nurse and well-known, published nature photographer. Nancy has stepped entirely outside her comfort zone to take the photographs for this calendar, all on a 100% volunteer basis. Thank you, Nancy!  



Dr. Adam Gonzalez is holding Frick, an American/Silky guinea pig. Dr. Gonzalez is a Captain in the U.S. Air Force as well as a General Surgery resident at UT Health Science Center. He is a proud Texan who enjoys hiking, camping and playing with his dog, Reginald.

Mr. January


Matt Tumlinson is holding Tuffles, a long hair Silky who is quiet and gentle. Matt is a well-known artist in Texas, mostly known for his paintings on bullet casings. He has been on Texas Country Reporter and in Texas Monthly. You might also have seen his King George Straight mural downtown. Another fact? Matt is a direct descendant of a defender of the Alamo!

Mr. February


Todd Martin is holding Marmalade, a calm and gentle American guinea pig. Todd is a professional horseman and owner of Todd Martin Performance Horses, a prestigious horse training facility here in the San Antonio area. Todd holds numerous Champion titles, in both National and International Derbies and Futurities. 

Mr. March


Anthony Barlow and Wylie clicked together right off the bat! Wylie is an extremely friendly and loving American guinea pig. Anthony is a born-and-bred Texan and big on family. He works tirelessly for Universal Toyota, and you will find that he is a fitness buff, an extreme sports fan, and, of course, an animal lover. Anthony is known for his incredible smile!

Mr. April


Duncan Wilkerson is holding KoKo, an Abyssinian. Abbys are known to be loving and fun - a perfect fit for Duncan! Duncan is a senior business major at the University of Texas San Antonio, as well a full-time ranch manager. These two occupations keep him extremely busy, but he always makes time for his friends, his love for cars and music!

Mr. May


Colonel (Dr.) Chad Hivnor is holding Butler, a gorgeous Abby with a wonderful personality! Dr. Hivnor is a published author, distinguished international lecturer, and the foremost expert in the use of lasers and devices for scars and traumatic injuries. Dr. Hivnor is heavily involved with Wounded Warriors.

Mr. June


Ramon Molina made friends with Pumpkin, a Crested guinea pig. Ramon is a U.S. Army veteran, a partner at RMO, P.C. and was voted Best Lawyer in San Antonio in Eminent Domain Law 2019. Ramon is a dedicated family man, animal lover, and in his spare time, he is an active youth sports coach in soccer, basketball and volleyball. 

Mr. July


Dave Mulligan is holding Harriet, an American guinea pig, complete with a motorcycle helmet on for her adventures with Dave! Dave is COO/CTO of Phyz Healthcare Solutions. He is an avid tennis player, a youth sports coach, and is passionate about classic cars, motorcycles and animals. Dave is a world-traveler and active adventurer, and he is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers.

Mr. August


Because of his strength, Mike Settles, affectionately known as Dr. Settles (by his former students) or Paw-Paw (by his grandchildren), gets to hold both Shiny and Shirley, two very large American guinea pigs! Mike is a retired American History college professor, a published author, a long-time cattle rancher, and a 4X World Champion and 4X World Record Holder in Bench Press. He is undefeated in all North American Championships. Mike became the 2018 World Master’s Bench Press Champion with an unbelievable record of 353.8 lbs!

Mr. September


Captain Ivan Hernandez is holding Sophia, a gorgeous grey and white American guinea pig that is incredibly friendly. Capt. Hernandez has been with the Shavano Park Fire Department for 25 years and is one of two arson investigators in Shavano Park. He loves to play tennis, is a shelter dog rescuer, has a fantastic sense of humor and is a devoted family man.

Mr. October


Former Detroit Lion Eric Fowler traded in his jersey for family life in the Alamo City. Here, Eric is holding Coal, a very handsome and chonky American guinea pig with glossy dark coloring. Eric is an animal lover, classic car enthusiast and is currently a surgical consultant for MTF Biologics, a nonprofit that provides transplantable tissue for breast cancer survivors.

Mr. November


Tim Morrow is holding Peppa, one of two American guinea pigs the Zoo adopted from us (to use for educational purposes). Tim has had an extensive career in the theme park industry, opening both Fiesta Texas and Aquatica Waterpark here in San Antonio. He currently serves as the President & CEO of the San Antonio Zoological Society, which operates the San Antonio Zoo, Will Smith Zoo School, the Center for Conservation and Research, and Kiddie Park.

Mr. December


Stuart Lightfine is holding Bear, who is an Abyssinian/Peruvian mix and full of spunk and comedic timing! Stuart is a Captain in the Texas Army National Guard and is currently working on his second Bachelor’s degree. He is an avid runner, animal lover, off-roader and extensive world traveler. Stu is one of our regular volunteers at the Adoption Center!