Our Foster Program


Fosters are mostly experienced guinea pig owners that know what it takes to properly socialize guinea pigs. Fosters must be willing and able to care for the guinea pigs as if they were their own and   be willing to bring the piggies back when needed.


A typical period for fostering either a single, or a pair, of guinea pigs is 2-6 months. A two-hour foster orientation meeting is required to make sure all foster families are up-to-date on medical care and guinea pig needs.


On our end, we will give foster families the habitats (cage, bowl, water bottle) and fleece liners that they require. Pellets and hay will also be provided on a weekly basis. Foster will only have to provide daily vegetables only. And LOVE!

If you are interested in becoming a foster family, please call us at (210)-736-0630 or email us at secondchancecavyrescue@gmail.com. Thank you!

We are actively seeking a foster program coordinator to help us further our fostering network. If you might like to help us out in this capacity, please contact us!